Terms of Service

Terms and Policies

We kindly ask that you have a good understanding of and to familiarize yourself with this page before contacting us to make a purchase. Most questions people have are covered on this page, and if you do need clarification on something or a question that is not addressed on here, please contact us. We are always looking to improve this page to make the ordering, shipping, and receiving process that much more smooth and convenient! 

By making a purchase through us, it is assumed that you have thoroughly read and understood all of our terms and policies, and guarantees. 

We do not offer in person pick ups or deliveries other than the shows that we are vendors at. We are more than happy to accept reservations on animals that you would like to pick up at any of the shows listed on our Home Page. 

All payments are FINAL and NON REFUNDABLE. Payments can be transferred to another gecko if you would like to make a change to your order prior to shipping.



For your convenience, we have structured our Shop Page where we have all of our available animals as a store so you are able to make a purchase on the spot wit If you choose to use our store, we will contact you shortly after your payment clears to set up the best date for you to receive your order. However, if you prefer to deal with us directly, please feel free to contact us via e-mail with the ID#(s) of all interested animals along with any questions you may have. 

Payment and Plans

All orders must be paid in full prior to shipping. No exceptions. We accept most common forms of payment including PayPal, all major credit cards, personal and cashier’s checks, and money orders.

A temporary 48 hour hold can be used on any available animal free of charge, after that time, a 25% NON  REFUNDABLE  deposit on your order total, including shipping costs, is required to hold animals for up to 30 days. If payment is not made at the end of those 30 days, all animals on your order will be put back up for sale and any payments will be forfeited.

For larger orders, additional time may be given to pay off total amount in full. This is on a case by case basis and will be agreed upon by both parties beforehand.  We are very understanding and easy to work with as long as there is a smooth line of communication on both ends during this process. 

Shipping Information

The safety of our animals is our number one priority. We take great pride in never having a hiccup in delivering our animals to our customers.

Please provide us with your first and last name, current email and phone number, as well as the shipping address that you would like your package delivered to. 

An additional $50 will be added to your order to cover shipping costs for an unlimited amount of animals.  

Shipping is done using Reptiles2You via FedEx priority overnight. Ship days are on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesday’s for arrival the next day usually by 10:30 am. 

We do not ship against major holidays, weekends, and generally avoid shipping altogether from late December through early January to avoid lost packages during heavy shipping traffic. 

When we are unable to ship due to major holidays, inclement weather, or any other reason that prevents shipping, you are more than welcome to place an order with us and we will happily hold your animal until we can guarantee they will safely arrive to you. 

Please make sure that someone is home on the day we set up for your package to be delivered. We specify that FedEx requires a signature from whoever is there to receive the package. If no one is home to sign for your package and it ends up being left on your front door or goes back in the delivery truck for reissue, all guarantees stated below will be void. 

If your schedule does not allow for you to receive your package, we can either send it to a different address such as a neighbor, relative, or business; or we can request that your package be held at the nearest FedEx facility for you to pick up. Package must be picked up on the same day it gets delivered for our guarantees to apply. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Live arrival, all information provided prior to purchase (sex, genetics), the integrity of the photos we use to advertise our animals, and your complete satisfaction are all 100% guaranteed.